2019 - Kraken

Below is a summary of the work we’ve done recently as part of our “Kraken” release, which was performed from May 29th through June 25th. This release consisted of numerous improvements to underlying parts of the product and some exciting new functionality!

New Features

  • Codey can speak again! This feature was removed as part of our interface redesign last summer and we’re very excited that it’s finally been re-added.
  • Our new nt.run domain for container hosting is live!
  • We’ve added deep linking support for those finding our courses from search engines, which allows you to jump directly into a particular step in a lesson. You can see what that looks like by picking a result from a search like this one.


  • We’ve switched to a dark theme for our external webpages! Check it out.
  • The speed of various pages on the website (such as the course catalog and sandbox listing) has been improved.
  • Sandboxes on the dashboard now appear non-actionable if you are out of credits and don’t have a payment method on file.
  • apt update is now being run in containers when they startup, which removes the need to do it during an apt install once a container has launched.
  • We’ve disabled some unnecessary updates inside of containers to conserve CPU usage on container hosts.


  • Added a fix to prevent extremely rare occurrences of invalid archives of files being backed up, resulting in a loss of saved files.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the stored counter for the number of attempts on a task being incorrect and updated historical data.
  • Fixed resetting sandboxes not working.
  • Fixed “Next Lesson” button being faded out in dark themes.
  • Fixed long filenames being displayed awkwardly in Firefox when hovering on the tab.


  • We’ve made some improvements to the development process for a core piece of our infrastructure, which enabled the new nt.run domains, and is assisting us in the rapid development of some exciting other features!
  • We’ve laid the groundwork for converting to ZIP downloads for projects (vs TAR GZ). Expect this improvement to be released in the next few weeks!


The kraken is a legendary cephalopod-like sea monster of giant size in Scandinavian folklore. According to the Norse sagas, the kraken dwells off the coasts of Norway and Greenland and terrorizes nearby sailors.

Source: Wikipedia