2019 - Manticore

Below is a summary of the work we’ve done recently as part of our “Manticore” release!

New Features

  • Added SQLite support for the database query results viewer.


  • Added a spellchecker to the markdown editor.
  • Large images in task feedback are now prevented from taking up too much space.
  • Improved the display of instructions by increasing font size, spacing, and text contrast.
  • Enabled the markdown menu bar for task instructions and in other places.


  • Fixed multiple editor windows opening when a hidden file (e.g. .something) is saved as open.
  • Fixed Codey saying “see below” in popup messages.
  • Fixed a bug where hiding the left pane hid the directory sidebar open / close icon.
  • Fixed SQL tests not replacing {{database}} template.



The manticore is a Persian legendary creature similar to the Egyptian sphinx that proliferated in western European medieval art as well. It has the head of a human, body of a lion and a tail of venomous spines similar to porcupine quills, while other depictions have it with the tail of a scorpion.

Source: Wikipedia