2019 - Nue

Below is a summary of our Nue version, which ran from 2019/09/16 to 2019/10/04.

New Features

  • Mockito is now available in Java unit tests.
  • Content creators now have a one click button to upgrade lab to nt-user from root (more here).
  • Added a “test URL” to content CSV exports to make sampling easier.


  • Disk sizes for containers have been increased to 1GB for small and medium containers and 2GB for large containers.
  • Hidden files are now shown in sandboxes.


  • Fixed some memory-hungry services inside containers starting when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed false-negative bug during sandbox assignment process to speed up launches for root users.


The Nue (鵺, 鵼, 恠鳥, or 奴延鳥) is a legendary Japanese yōkai or mononoke.