5.3 project 8

I am having a problem understanding what to do on the last parts of sections 5s project in the advanced section. This is in section DSC Prep 5: Advanced Python, Project. 8. My url is https://nt.dev/s/2eeb5e4400ba. I have put the completed the code and now it is asking us to practice with a table. Do I put the table values in at that time? as part of the code? in a different window? Please advise. I’m just not sure what to do with this once my code has completed. The instructions are below. My url is: https://nt.dev/s/2eeb5e4400ba

  1. Practice using your function. Populate your table with this data, plugging in today’s date for the DATE placeholder in the first element of every list. If you go wrong, pop() or remove items off your list.

[‘Date’, ‘Credit’, ‘Debit’, ‘Balance’]
[‘DATE’, 450.0, 0, 450.0]
[‘DATE’, 0, 30.0, 420.0]
[‘DATE’, 1000.0, 0, 1420.0]
[‘DATE’, 4400.0, 0, 5820.0]
[‘DATE’, 0, 776.0, 5044.0]
[‘DATE’, 2333.33, 0, 7377.33]
[‘DATE’, 2000.0, 0, 9377.33]
[‘DATE’, 0, 1444.33, 7933.0]

When you’re done, run the following code:

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Hey James,

Are you taking this course with Springboard? Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this. You will have to reach out to your mentor for support. Sorry about that!



Thank you so much for your reply. To answer your previous question… Yes, I am 100% taking this course with Springboard. Unfortunately, my sessions with my mentor have ended so I am stuck learning on my own till I start the data science career track and get more mentor sessions . I understand that you have rules and that you are unable to help me. But can you please tell me WHY I I am no longer given access to support on the discussion/question board? Why can you not assist? I was told that I could continue to ask questions and find guidance through the community discussion board. Also, can I still post questions in hopes that one of my peers will respond?

Sorry about all the questions. Thank you for the support you have given me thus far. Your help has been amazing.


James Warkentine

Hey James,

You are definitely welcome to post on this board, but we at Next Tech cannot provide help since this is not our course - it is Springboard’s course so we do not have the answers. You can post on here and hopefully someone taking the same course can help! :slight_smile:

If you’d like to continue learning Python with one of our courses, I’d be happy to help answer any questions you have about those!