Adding or Hosting YouTube videos in the Help pane

Is there a possibility of providing a custom YouTube video to Next Tech to be displayed in the help section of a custom course?

Not right now, but we do plan on allowing the help markdown to be edited eventually. We’re thinking we’ll do this on an account level — do you think that would work for your use case?

If the same Markdown Editor provided elsewhere on the platform is also available for the help markdown than that should work. :+1:

@TroyDundas do you think that’s something that would be best set on an account level? Or course?

I would think at course level. I envision a scenario where an entity (Cengage) has different departments (Data Science, Math, Programming) that might all take advantage of the Next Tech platform under one account but have different use cases.

Maybe we could set it up so that you can set it at either level, and if you’ve done it for the course, it’ll override it for the account.

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