Answer key?

Is there really no way to look at the solution to the lessons? If it’s not working and I’m not sure why it would be nice to see what I’m doing wrong.

Hey Chris! Thanks for reaching out. We currently do not share answer keys publicly; however, this may change in the future since it could be helpful for some users. For now, if you share your question and your Share URL here, we can help you out! Which lesson and/or task are you stuck on?

It’s not just one in particular, it would just be more convenient to be able to quickly check without having to come back and post every time I get a problem. It’s not worth the trouble but seems to really take away from it being useful to the user not to have access to it immediately. Especially after having to try and go back to another page to review, which makes you wait for the new terminal to load while it closes the one you actually want, only to not be able to ultimately check why it says it’s wrong. The whole layout has some inconveniences that I wasn’t really expecting. It’s very informative and helpful overall but I really don’t understand why these few design choices were made to make the whole thing more frustrating than it needs to be. Thanks for the reply though, I appreciate it.

Hey Chris. Thank you for your feedback. I’ve personally also experienced the same frustrations. I’ll take this back to the development team so they can review it :slight_smile: