Executable Code Snippet No Longer Showing Code Editor

Executable code snippets are no longer show the code editor


Python and Java code snippets are no longer showing the code editor (however, HTML Snippets are working fine). The coding files are still present in the labs and the code will run as shown in the attached screenshot.

Creation URL : https://next.tech/contents/b3200b5d-bb74-44d0-a651-bdb5b75f66f5/edit

If you look really closely you can see the top of a cursor for the editor in the editor-outer div underneath the half-snippet-outer div (not in screenshot).


Hi @TroyDundas — very sorry that you’ve run into this issue. We’ll get a fix up ASAP.

Hey @TroyDundas,

We have a fix on the way up for this right now. It looks like it was a regression from a deploy yesterday that impacted snippets with a fixed height.

We did test snippets before that deploy, but we’ve identified the gap in our QA that resulted in this not being caught. We’ve added it to our QA documentation and added a test to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Thank you for reporting so quickly, and apologies again that it cropped up at all!

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