File Size Exceeds Download Limit

I cannot download the course from deep learning: NLP.
when I click on download, it shows a loading sign for couple seconds and comes back to way it was.
How to fix that?
I tried using different browser, but still no luck.

Hey Harsh, thanks for reaching out!

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what you mean. Which course are you referring to? The Biometric Facial Recognition in Python course (per your tag) or the Python Deep Learning (Part 2: Natural Language Processing) course?

And are you attempting to download the files from the course?

Like I said earlier, I cannot download “course content (files)” from “deep learning: Natural Language Processing (aka NLP)”

And yes, I am trying to download but the pop up which allows me to download zip files never “arrives”.
It sort of crashes and come back to the way it were before.

There seems to be the problem in the because I can download files from other courses easily on my desktop in zip format but not when it comes to following course projects “in” Python Deep learning: NLP :-

Generating Lyrics Using Deep Multi-layer LSTM
Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Building Chatbots

Ah, right. I will move this into the Python Deep Learning community board then.

Downloading the files from your project seems to be working on my end…would you be able to send us a screenshot or screen recording of the JavaScript console output when it crashes for you?

Here’s the screenshot that you were asking for. I hoped after a week or two, the issue may have been solved but it still isn’t. This is disappointing. Please let me know if there is anything i can do on my side.

Thank You!

Hey, @lorraine can you help me out?

Hey Harsh, we’ll look into this today and get back to you asap!

Hey Harsh,

You should be able to download the files for the “Generating Lyrics Using Deep Multi-layer LSTM” lesson, let us know if you have any issues doing so.

The files in the “Sequence-to-Sequence Models for Building Chatbots” lesson (75mb) exceed the max file size supported (50mb), which is why the download fails for that lesson. As a workaround, you can delete the checkpoints_basic_rnn/ folder, which will free up enough space for you to be able to download the other files. Or you can copy and paste the files to your computer one at a time.

We have a feedback ticket open for adding an alert when the max file size limit is exceeded. Feel free to give that feature an upvote so you are notified when we’ve completed it

Let us know if you continue to have any issues after trying these steps.

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Okay thank you!
Any advice on how can I download files from “Generating music with Multi Layer LSTM” course? If there is anyway to get those midi files that would be great because I want to dive in deeper and try out my own algorithms.
Thanks again!

I tried to give my upvote but I am alerted with a message that says I need to have an enterprise account. Just thought you should know about this.

Hey Harsh,

I can zip them up and send them to you. I will DM you!