Friendly project names!

We’ve released a big improvement for how a project can be accessed from the Internet! Previously, the URL used to load a project’s website would look something like this:

This presented a number issues:

  1. It just wasn’t that friendly, and really downright strange.
  2. It was impossible to type.
  3. The double dashes (--) would turn into a in many text editors.
  4. Most importantly, it changed with each session (re-launch of the project).

Now, a project will have a URL like this:

Much friendlier! And this URL stays the same through multiple sessions, allowing you to bookmark it and return to it later.

Here’s how we describe these URLs:

  • “Subdomain”: liberated-duckling
  • “Domain”: apgt
  • Port: 8080
  • “Extension”:

We have many other improvements related to these URLs in the works. For now, we hope you enjoy these friendlier URLs!