GitHub File Sync Issues

GitHub File Sync

Would Next Tech be able to verify that the GitHub File Sync is working as expected? I recently lost the ability to sync source files from GitHub to the Next Tech environment. Syncing instructions works as expected and I am able to sync directly from GitHub via the environment’s terminal so I know it is not an authentication issue. I also double-checked the permissions given to the Next.Tech and everything seems to be in order.

Hi @TroyDundas!

Hmm, it seems to be working okay for us ― is it a particular course or repository that you’re experiencing issues with?

Hey, Saul

Thank you for the quick reply. Yes - so far I get the error when working with one of our Carey repositories. I checked another course and it works fine, which obviously leads me to believe this is an issue on my end :slight_smile: :1st_place_medal: , but this also indicates that my account doesn’t have any issues syncing from GitHub as a result of policies, etc.

This definitely looks like it has to be an error on my end since it is so specific but the instructions sync without issue, only the code files fail (and they work previously). I can also pull the repo information directly from Next Tech, prepending “” and adding “blob/master” and everything works as expected, webpage opens up without issue.

I get both 500 and 502 errors when syncing and it appears each attempt is being logged in Bugsnag :speak_no_evil: . Does the Next Tech team see anything in Bugsnag that might indicate what is breaking my sync?

I also refreshed the GitHub Authorization in Account Settings but no luck and reviewed the permissions in GitHub.

Hi @TroyDundas,

Are you trying to do a course-level instructions sync? We added a feature a while ago that will auto-upload images in GitHub files to our file storage (which makes it possible for you to reference images directly in your repository, which is really handy!), so if you’re doing a course-wide sync it may just be timing out if there are a lot of images.

Mind shooting a link to the course you’re working on to [email protected]? We can take a look from there.

Hope you have a great weekend!