How to Submit a Bug Report

Have you found a bug? Let us know about it and we’ll take a look! Below are instructions on how to (and how not to) notify us about bugs.

What to Do

Before submitting a bug report, please take a look at the existing list of bugs first. If you find one that matches your issue, please:

  1. Vote on the issue. This will help us know what bugs are the highest priority.
  2. Include any details specific to your bug, if they differ significantly from the existing report.

If you don’t see an existing topic for your bug, feel free to submit a new one! When submitting a bug report, please include:

  • A description of the issue. Please include details that will help our product team reproduce the issue, if possible!
  • The output from your JavaScript console. You can find instructions for how to obtain this here.
  • A screenshot of the issue, if applicable.
  • Any code, if applicable.

If the bug is inside a course or sandbox, please include the “Share URL”, which can be found by clicking the settings gear at the bottom left of the page, selecting “Share”, and then copying that URL.

Note that your share URL will be public, which gives others the ability to clone your current working environment! If this is an issue, please instead include the name of the course and lesson you are working on.

What to Not Do

When submitting a bug report, please do not:

  • Include personal information (email, password, etc.).
  • Submit a report for an issue you are facing with learning materials. Please see the Next XYZ category for that!
  • Submit multiple report for the same issue. If a similar topic is suggested when submitting your report, please instead comment on the existing topic.

Thank you for your help improving the Next Tech product!