Issue with Using Resoutrces in a Module Challenge

I am getting an error in the first test case as follows:
Code PatternIncomplete

Code appends a random integer from 0 to 1000


Searched your code for a specific pattern:

Even though i have used
array.append(random.randint(0,1000)) in my code
Here is the link to my code:
I cant understand if I’m doing something wrong or is it the problem with the test case.

Hey Vedant,

Sorry that you’re running into this! I’ve taken a look and it seems like our test case was too strict - your code was not passing because it did not have a space in (0,1000). Our test case was looking for \s between the comma and the 1000.

I’ve edited the code pattern and your code should now pass the check!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:


Thank You :slight_smile:

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