Issues with building a consortium blockchain

Here’s the link to my sandbox:

I am getting an error when i compile the reportContracts.sol file.
i ran validator0 and validator1 three times and each time i meade sure that i pasted the right address at right places but i still face the same problem.

How can I solve this?


Is your issue occurring on step 8? If so, there is a message right after the compilation command:

If Solidity throws an error regarding the checksum of your address, you will need to reformat address by using this handy online tool, Etherscan. Add your addresses into the search bar and copy the return result. The characters will be the same but their case may change. Change the addresses in all files - reportingContract.sol , validator0.toml , and validator1.toml .

You likely need to paste the addresses you are using into the search on that website, then copy the result and use that in the code.

Also I noticed that the .pwd files in your project contain the addresses. The address is not output until after you enter the password, so those are likely not the correct passwords. You’ll need to update those files with the passwords you chose.

Let me know if that helps!