Java Fundamentals: no instruction on user input

The instructions on the “Reading User Input” part of this course seem to be incomplete. Nowhere does it say how to assign user input to a variable or how to take input with Scanner using something like Scanner sc= new Scanner( . I think more needs to be done here to make it clear to the student what has to be done.

Hey Cameron,

Thanks for the suggestion! We have added more details to the instructions to make it clearer. Just a quick note - these activities build off the concepts taught in the preceding lesson, so they are meant to be somewhat challenging. In this case, the concepts in the “Reading User Input” activity is covered in the Introduction lesson in the “Getting Input from the User” step.


Thank you, and my mistake, I should have gone through the course from the beginning after taking a pause for a while. Going back to the beginning I can see that it was mentioned how to use the Scanner class. I appreciate the addition of a reminder that you guys have made. Thank you!

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