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Wat could be a better approach to build this game?

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Hey Piyush, congrats on finishing this project! Your game works really well! The only thing I can see that may make your code a little cleaner is to use a while True loop rather than setting the value of choice.

For example, your code can be modified from this…

    choice = int('0')
    while(choice != 3):
        print("Choose the next step")
        print("1:Look around")
        print("2:Clear the area")
        choice = int(input("So what's on you mind "))

…to this:

while True:
    choice = int(input('Choose the next step - 1: Look around 2: Clear the area 3: Exit'))
    if choice == 1:
        # etc...

Other than that, your game looks really good! Nicely done :slight_smile: .

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Thanks for the advice lorraine

Request = input(Are you a python developer?)
while true:
if request = yes:
print(“Please connect with me on linkedin or facebook, I would be thankful if I can get some advice”)
print(“Thanks for the help!”)

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