New Feedback Editors Removed Default Feedback

Hey, there

I noticed we just got new feedback editors :slight_smile: I also noticed that all the default feedback messages have been removed. If enabled, Codey currently appears within an empty alert.


Hey Troy :slight_smile: thanks for letting us know! We’re looking into it now.

Thanks @lorraine! :slight_smile:

Seeing as improved feedback was a concern of Next Tech with the last update, I would like to suggest a feature request of hiding the “Test Contents” section of a check from the user. I know Next Tech has the ability to hide the check contents altogether but this seems too extreme. Often the test output is enough for most students but the test contents complicate their understanding.

This essentially allows the content creator to write robust testing code without the need to tailor it to a level a student might understand. For example, some of the Browser Simulations are close to 75 lines long, with the imports and web driver setup accounting for near 15 lines alone. It would also be more versatile than the feedback provided by Codey. I think we touched on this when tests were overhauled a year ago.

(p.s. I know you guys are really busy, but I wanted to make it record)

Thanks for the suggestion @TroyDundas! I wonder if a happy medium would be reducing the “importance” of the test contents, e.g. hiding it by default (but letting the user expand it). What do you think?

Oh, and the issue referenced on this post should now be fixed!

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I think “hiding” it by default would also work. Do you think it would add too many layers to a task? Task > Checks > Feedback > Test Contents?

I am all for a happy medium. This would be a big win for Unit Tests and Selenium.