New project loading and timeout screens

Loading Screens

For a long time, the only indicator a project was loading was a spinning wheel on the screen which didn’t indicate where a project was in its loading process or if something had gone wrong.

Plus, it was just annoying.

So now, we have a fancy new loading screen for projects! It provides you a step-by-step update as the project loads. Some of the steps are:

  • Requesting Sandbox: The sandbox is being requested from our cluster.

  • Loading Files: Your files are being loaded onto the sandbox.

  • Setting Up Sandbox: Any necessary set up steps are being performed.

  • Sandbox Loaded: Your sandbox is ready to go! The loading screen disappears right after this stage.

This all takes less than 2 seconds if you launch a sandbox here.

Here’s what this loading screen looks like, albeit this screenshot is of right at the end of the loading process. Our product loads so quickly it’s nearly impossible to get a screenshot of the loading process :sunglasses:

Timeout Screens

Previously, the only indicator the you received when your sandbox had been shutdown was a small red alert at the bottom left of the screen. This was easy to miss and didn’t have the most useful wording. It also required you to reload the page to get a new sandbox.

Now, you’re displayed a screen with much more information:

You can click Load New Sandbox to request another one without having to reload the page. You’re also prevented from editing files until you have a new sandbox loaded.