Problem in a "Performing Logistic Regression" Challenge

I am currently doing the DATA SCIENCE PROJECTS WITH PYTHON COURSE but am stuck on a challenge
Even after doing it correctly the grader is not grading it properly
Here’s the URL :
Please help me out in figuring if I have made a Mistake

Hey Sheel, thanks for reaching out! Hmm, you seem to have gotten the correct ROC AUC… Which of the five task are not passing for you?

Only Task 1 is not working for me

Hey Sheel, thanks for the details. Our Jupyter notebook checks read your code from the task’s specific cell. While your code is correct, it looks like you may have deleted the Task 1 cell and written the code in a different cell.

I’ve gone into your project to readd the deleted cell. Go ahead and move your code into that cell (see screenshot) and try to run the check again.

Let me know if this works!

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The problem still persists :frowning:

Hey Sheel,

I’ve taken another look at the task and the issue this time is that our check was too strict - it only passed when single quotes were used around 'cleaned_data.csv'. I’ve fixed the check to allow for double quotes, "cleaned_data.csv", just like you have it. It should pass now :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this!

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It worked
Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

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