Share Your Sandbox!

Hey there! :wave: Welcome to the sandbox share zone.

This area is for you and others to share the sandboxes you’ve built on Next Tech. Sandboxes you share can be forked by others so they can see what you’ve built!

How to Share

Here’s how to share your sandbox:

  1. Build a sandbox you’re proud of!
  2. Grab the sandbox’s share URL (instructions here)
  3. Post the URL here with a little write up of your sandbox

You can see here for an example of what a good post looks like.

Other Sandboxes

If you see someone’s sandbox that you like, well, give it it a “like!” Or, if you have a question about it, feel free to reply to their post.

Getting Help

This isn’t the spot to ask for help with your sandbox. For that, head over to the Sandbox Help section! :smiley: