Testing for commands in iPython may require a webpage refresh

This is a great new way of testing for specific commands. I wanted to bring to your attention and to document that when creating new Custom Tests with this logic, the testing logic seems to always fail (so any time you update the query) even though the logic is reflected accurately in the failed check’s feedback. However, refreshing the webpage gets everything working as expected. Because of that, it might be confusing to troubleshoot queries that are correct but fail - just requires a webpage refresh to test in preview mode. Alternatively, you could launch a fresh lab each time as well.

@TroyDundas thanks for letting us know, and welcome to the Next Tech community! :wave:

By refreshing, are you referring to refreshing the content creator page, i.e. getting a completely fresh lab state?

@saul Thanks! :slight_smile:

… and yes. I had to refresh the creator webpage before I noticed changes taking place. Everything else works as expected but if you update a command test without refreshing it will simply fail even when the logic is correct.

Ah, gotcha. This is probably a false positive caused by the command having actually been run so it’s still stored in the database. Refreshing the page gets you that fresh state.

To do this without refreshing the page, you can run this in the terminal:

sqlite3 /home/nt-user/.ipython/profile_default/history.sqlite "DELETE FROM history;"

I also added that to the docs as a gotcha. Let me know if there’s anything else we can help you with or this works out for you!

Perfect - thank you Saul.