UX improvements for tasks

Most people who use our product know and love Codey, our friendly coding chatbot. Unfortunately, since our new interface update last summer, Codey hasn’t been as outspoken (and therefore, useful).

That all changed last week, as well as a few other exciting things! See below for more.

Re-added: Message Popups

The message popups from Codey when there’s new task feedback have been re-added. Here’s what a failed message looks like:

Screenshot from 2019-06-24 17-52-56

And here’s a passed one:

Screenshot from 2019-06-24 17-53-35

These messages also display if Codey isn’t enabled.

We’ll be making a few more tweaks to this feature to get the coloring and placement just right, but for now, it’s great to have Codey so outspoken again!

New: Failed Check Notification Dot

When a check for a (closed) task fails, a notification alarm is now is displayed on the arrow to open that task:

Screenshot from 2019-06-24 17-53-16

If the checks are “shared” (meaning the results of them are visible to the user), the count of failed checks is displayed instead of the alarm.

New: Updated Feedback Indication

When a task is open, it was previously unclear if the feedback that is displayed is new from the last task run. This feedback now shows a slight “jump” when updated, which serves as an indicator that the feedback has been updated.

Here’s the feedback we’re talking about:

Screenshot from 2019-06-24 17-54-01