Web page test feedback

Webpage test feedback

When a webpage test cannot find its target it does 1 of 2 things:

  1. The test will time out with a “Could not Check Task” message, resulting in the automated failure of all subsequent tasks, or
  2. If a JavaScript precondition is set, it will fail with a message of “Image not found” and a “null%difference”.

The concerns are that the 1st issue appears to be a technical glitch with the platform to some users (which is not the case) and the 2nd issue doesnt attribute the task failure to the student’s code definitively. “Image not found” is kinda opened ended.

I think two things could be done to improve this:

  1. On a timeout and precondition failure, fail the task and explicitly declare that the target element was not found in code.
  2. Remove the “null%difference”

(also open to other suggestions)
Screenshots attached.


Thanks for submitting this Troy, I will look into it.

@andrew Any update on a potential timeline? Cengage might need to update some release dates for later this month.

(Unrelated - all your test accounts are listed when I @ you)

@TroyDundas We’ve implemented a fix, but we’re doing some more QA on it internally before we deploy it. The fix will cause the task to fail, rather than timeout and it changes null% difference to 100% difference. We’re hoping to deploy this by the end of the week.

The fix that we have implemented does not “explicitly declare that the target element was not found in code”. I’ve created a separate ticket for that. As a workaround for this we recommend being explicit in the task description about what element is being tested. Having that feedback provided by the task would be valuable, but it is is a slightly bigger change so it will take a bit more time to implement. I don’t have a time frame for that yet.

(Unrelated - all your test accounts are listed when I @ you)

Hmm I shouldn’t need test accounts anymore, so I will see if I can delete those, thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks! That should get it up and running for me. I appreciate it.

@TroyDundas We just deployed this fix, thanks again for reporting the bug!

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Thanks @andrew! I really appreciate it, just in time too!