What to do when you are stuck on a challenge

Hello, I am new to this site and have a quick question about what to do when we can’t figure out a challenge. I’m working on intermediate Python and am stuck on the challenge at the portion of the course titled “Defining Methods in a Class” (link - https://next.tech/catalog/course/intermediate-python/contents/defining-methods-in-a-class/continue) but this generally applies to any challenge questions on the site.

Where can we go to see the correct answer? For this specific question I have everything right aside from the while loop and user input portion of the challenge. I have looked around the website but have found no information regarding what to do when stuck on a challenge to see the right answer.

Any help/resources would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Travis, thanks for reaching out! We don’t share solution files at the moment, but you can ask for help on this community site. If you send your Share URL (the Sharing button can be found in the bottom-left corner), someone on this site can review your code and help you out!