Wordpress on LAMP Sandbox Help!

Hi, I just started out with LAMP Sanbox for Wordpress. I have never used Apache before (I have used Litespeed) so can someone please Help my How to Configure Apache to listen to my Wordpress site on the workspace folder on localhost. I have googled it but they only show configs for domains (I can’t point my domain to this server). SO, how can I use wordpress on Localhost?
Thanks in Advance.

Hi Hassaan,

The domain that you can use in a sandbox can be found by opening a browser tab and then opening the tab in a new window as shown in the gif below. In the gif below, the domain is adroit-weimaraner-rexa-80.nt.run (80 is the port for Apache and is part of the domain. Do not use 8080 even though the browser window opens to that port).


A couple additional notes. The sandboxes don’t run all the time, they just run while you are using them, so they don’t work for hosting a website, just development. Additionally only the files in the /home/nt-user/workspace directory are backed up, so updating any Apache configs will need to be done every time the sandbox is launched. I was able to get a fresh Wordpress install running following this guide https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-wordpress-with-lamp-on-ubuntu-18-04 (I first followed the “self-signed SSL guide for Apache” guide that is referenced near the beginning of that article). A couple things that weren’t mentioned in the article that I had to do are:

sudo rm -f /var/www/html/index.html

And also update the DocumentRoot in default-ssl.conf and default-ssl.conf (in the /etc/apache2/sites-available folder) to the following:

DocumentRoot /var/www/wordpress

You could probably create the config files, then save them with a file host (or in a public GitHub repo if they don’t contain any sensitive information) and use wget in the startup script to pull them in each time the sandbox is launched.

We hope to release sandbox templates (e.g., a Wordpress template) eventually which will simplify use cases like this.

Hi, Thanks it Works!